We are a team of multi-disciplinary producers, composers, songwriters and performers.

Music to your ears.

Our team of experienced musicians, composers, songwriters, programmers, engineers and producers work with music and sound on a variety of projects, from writing with and developing artists to bespoke compositions.

We have a number of studios for different styles and stages of music production, available with engineer and producer or for dry hire:

  • Full band tracking and mixing
  • Electronic music live sequencing studio
  • Vocal production and writing studios
  • 5.1 and Dolby Atmos Mixing
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Two technicians working on music equipment & keyboards
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Man playing drums in a studio
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Connecting the dots.

Between music and innovation, we collaborate on projects in music tech, immersive installations and cutting edge applications.

Whether creating tempo-adaptive remixes, building immersive audio environments or curating and composing music for a campaign, we can oversee and advise on the music and sound elements of any project.

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Our clients

We are proud to work with many industry frontrunners, including:

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